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Kilts, Tartans & Clans FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About Kilts, Tartans & Clans


1. What is a Tartan?

woolen or worsted cloth woven with stripes of different colors and widths crossing at right angles, worn chiefly by the Scottish, each clan having its own distinctive design.

2. What is the difference between Modern and Ancient Tartans?

Ancient Tartans refer to the softer more natural colours achieved by the Scots many years ago.  The would have used fruit and vegetable based dyes, which resulted in these tones.  Made with Modern dyes, the Modern tartans have a much stronger bold colour to them.

3. What is the difference between 8oz, 11oz & 13oz fabric?

8oz is the lighest of our cloths, it's used a lot for ties and small accessories as the lightness makes it easy to work with.  11oz is more like the weight of dress pants, it's heartier and works great for home accessories, scraves and kilts.  13oz is more in line with a heavy denim weight and is used for mens kilts primarily.

4. What is the difference between a 4-Yard and an 8-Yard Kilt?

The 4-Yard casual kilt is is a great option for those who would like something lighter.  With half the material being used it is easier to wear, but still looks great, the missing cloth is taken from inside the pleating.  Our 8-Yard Regulation Kilt is for those who are looking for a more serious kilt, it has many more pleats which are very deep with cloth.

5. Where are your products made?

The majority of our Products are made in Scotland when ever it is possible.  We also carry products from Ireland, England and Canada.

6. What is the difference between "MC" & "MAC"?

"MC" is just a short form for "MAC".  "MAC" is a gaelic word meaning "Son of".


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