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We're Renovating!

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Floor Reno

We are very happy to announce that MacLeods Scottish Shop will be getting all new flooring for 2017! This exciting new change will require us to close for a few days – 4 to be exact, from March 13 – 16 (Mon – Thurs). You will still be able to shop with us online of course, and we’ll be sure to post reminders about this on all of our social media, website and answering machine.

Sorry for any inconvenience this short closure may cause, but hopefully you can drop in to see us once it’s complete. We’re sure you will agree it was worth it!

The Success of Witches' Blood Tartan

Jessie Votary from The Red Rabbit 2016 was an amazing year for many reasons, but by far our biggest success was our very own tartan to honour Shakespeare’s Macbeth! We designed it to reflect the dark themes of the play, but also to be an instant classic, featuring colours that would resonate with our clientele, young and old and regardless [...]

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Why Choose Wool

There are so many reasons to choose wool. Many people know that it is warm, durable and looks great, but here are a few other reasons it has been regarded so highly through history: NATURAL Wool is a natural fibre, not man-made. For thousands of years, it has been considered the very best all-weather protection, and science has yet [...]

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A Brief History of Scottish Clans

Scottish clans are a symbol of kinship, pride and strength that unite millions of people around the globe. Thousands of years ago clans provided safety, sanctuary and sustenance. Today, they do not impact the average Scot's everyday life in the same manner but continue to be an storied part of the country's national identity.When most [...]

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